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Peaces LogoThe Peaces are a NYC band consisting of core members Brian Halverson, Paul Stingo & John Gigante ... brothers Bruce Halverson, Randy Halverson and Michael Gigante also are part of the musical family.  Concentrating on the 3 minute song and the 6 part harmony, The Peaces are here to refresh, renew and remind you that tunes that make you feel good are a reward.  Conjugate a verb or two with us, and see what it adds up to.




Available on iTunes!  Hear The Peaces at



John Gigante Drummer Pic Strip


JG Drum Images 2

Peaces Logo Ekletics Logo Pinch Logo
  If you ever want to hear and be moved
by the glory again,come see The Eklectics.
Decades in composition, a big bang amplified bursts of impassioned melodic genius.
We're the tune-smiths playing tunes you know and love,
but no one else is playing them.
Babblin' on and on with the music of Squeeze!
The genius of Difford & Tilbrook are revisited acoustically.
Mod As Hell Logo Mod As Hell Mod As Hell
Revel In The Mod As Hell Surf Shindig!
The Grooviest Archetypal 60’s Guitar Tunes
Come Alive As A Trio Of Fine Musicians
Reimagine The Sounds Of Those
Jangley Guitars, Foot Stomping Drums
And Thumping Bass